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Touring tire tested in motorcycle

The motorcycle season is in full swing and the bikers are very interested in extended motorcycle tours. And when it comes to the question of which tires are on big tour, the big test of the Biker Bible Motorcycle is just right. Six current pairs of tires, the testers have made and taken on a naked bike the middle class under the wheels. Test site was the proving ground of Bridgestone near Rome, which, in order to anticipate a part of the result, did not benefit the group product Bridgestone T 30 Evo.

Motorrreifer test fuzion touring tire review

Bikers on tour: It all depends on the right tires.

Wear rating fails

So very detailed tire test for motorcycles but was not. After all, the wear test did not rank well , a discipline that plays an important role in touring tires . "How long do they last?" Is a frequently asked question in this segment. Obviously, the editorial team scores this extremely expensive rating only once a year in the annual test cycle, and the magazine fired its powder in the sports tire test when six testers on the same sports motorcycles reeled off a few thousand kilometers in the Alps. The crew did not want to repeat that with six Suzuki GSX-S 750s. So it remained at the handling rating on the highway, race track and on the wet course.

Metzeler King on wet

Whether in the jungle of the jungle, on wet or on dry slopes - the brand new Continental Road Attack 3 convinced the examiners and put up a sovereign test victory. Hot on the heels was the Metzeler Roadtec 01 as King on wet track, which, however, has much more to offer than the other competitors in the criterion of wear and according to the test report even after 4,000 km front still 30 to 35 percent and rear 40 to 50 percent residual profile could show - but that did not come in the rating.

Dense test field

As with the sports tires but the qualities are close together and indeed at a high level. The testers certify all six current profiles an "extremely high level". The third-placed Pirelli Angel GT with a small gap shows up as a kind of Hans steam in all lanes, a "wonderful broadband tuned" tires. The fourth-placed Michelin Pilot Road 4 remains a "good all-rounder for all days". Bad luck for the Dunlop Roadsmart III , which lands because of only slight problems on the penultimate place and bad luck for the Bridgestone T 30 Evo , the "small grip deficits" in the wet at the end of the table . Overall, the test shows a very good picture of the products in the market.n.



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