You know those parking sensors they have in Cavendish Square and other shopping centers around South Africa? Those sensors above each bay that turn red when a car is under them but are green when there isn't one? Well this awesome parking technology has only just reached the States. I know!

It seems bizarre that something we have had in South Africa for at least three years now has only just reached a country which has built itself by being at the forefront of technology and which has one of the highest shopping malls per capita ratios in the world. 

But check this out from the Wall Street Journal. Apparently an Australian company with the patent for the technology has partnered with mall developers here to install the systems. Makes me wonder who introduced it in South Africa. There is no visible connection with any South African company on the website of the Australian developers Park Assist. Does anyone know who got the ball rolling back home? 

Because this is quite a revelation over here. And for the first time I can say that we had it first.