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Posted by Andrew on Friday, August 27, 2010, In : Road Trips 

A few weeks ago The Greek, The Daffs, Karatjie and I headed up to Marsha's Little House By The Sea in a state which is not an island, called Rhode Island.

About a three hour drive from New York, this place is absolutely gorgeous. Reminded me a lot of a place like Paternoster, where I have spent many a good time with Bernie and the crew.

With the weather stunning, this was the ideal little slice of utopian escape from the Mad City. The days were spent eating breakfast like champions, sitting on...

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DC - In Memorial (Part II)

Posted by Andrew on Thursday, June 10, 2010, In : Road Trips 
Sunday was a hot one. Ridonculously hot, I'm talking a hundred degrees. So we decided to spend the entire day in the sun... in Springbok rugby jerseys. I mean, why not?

Segways... awesomeness for dorks

Had another early start for our 'Masonic Segway Tour' around DC. What a kiiiiiff way of cruising! At first you feel like the world's most amazing dork, but as soon as you start cruising, ah man, you just cruise. Best way to see a city, hands down.

So there we were - gliding around DC in our S...

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DC - In Memorial (Part I)

Posted by Andrew on Friday, June 4, 2010, In : Road Trips 

A band of six set out on Memorial Day weekend for an adventure into the sweaty heart of this nation's capital, Washington DC.

Hitting the I-95 on a Friday afternoon is like... well, it's like a lot of things, driving into New York City on a Friday afternoon, driving to Sandton on a Friday afternoon, driving anywhere on a Friday afternoon. It's bad ok.

Luckily! Luckily for us, we were able to leave around 1pm and brave the interstate south to the capital. 

Arriving in DC around 6pm, the Greek and...

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New York, New York

Posted by Andrew on Sunday, April 18, 2010, In : Happenings 
Its been a long time coming. I almost forgot I had a blog!

The past three weeks have flown by like three days at a music festival in the sun.

Been spending a lot of time at work during the week - train the trainers start on Monday and come thick and fast after that. Had a hectic time adjusting to a new way of working again after ending my global secondment and resuming things with the US training team. Can't even begin to explain (let alone comprehend) how different processes can be even thoug...

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 Video Vibe for the Moment

From the movie Drive

Whose site is it anyway?

Andrew Barry Some people call me the Earthman. Some people call me Baz. Some people call me Barry or Bar. And some people also like jazz. I think most of the people surfing this site know who I am. If not - read on, my friend...
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