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Don't forget to boogy

Posted by Andrew on Saturday, May 15, 2010, In : Ramblings 
Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is being yourself.

How do you be yourself? How do you find out who you are? What crazy dumbsaint of the mind do you see yourself as, and what story do other people read into that.?

This is something I really used to wrestle with back home. Not in the helpless way. More in the searching way. But what I realise now, is that I never had the perspective to see what I always knew. That sounds strange. But what it means, at least to me, is that back ho...
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On racial lines, Lady Liberty, and the spot where Kennedy was shot

Posted by Andrew on Tuesday, May 11, 2010, In : Happenings 
I find myself in Dallas, Texas. 

Cinematic Orchestra is playing in the background.

And a momentary lull in the constant movement that is life in this country presents a chance to write again. Belated and much appreciated...

On the work front it's been nose to the grindstone for a while now. I had to cancel my trip to the New Orleans Jazz Festival two weekends ago to work that whole weekend. We pushed 12 hours a day from Saturday to Wednesday to finalise the training material for final roll-out. ...
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 Video Vibe for the Moment

From the movie Drive

Whose site is it anyway?

Andrew Barry Some people call me the Earthman. Some people call me Baz. Some people call me Barry or Bar. And some people also like jazz. I think most of the people surfing this site know who I am. If not - read on, my friend...
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