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 Welcome to Yours Is The Earth

Come gather around people, wherever you are
To quote Wallace Stegner: "It should not be denied. . . that being footloose has always exhilarated us. It is associated in our minds.. with absolute freedom, and the road has always led West." 
I headed West to the land of Red, White and Blue on a two year secondment for work it's true. But it has now been over three years and I'm stuck to this place like glue. 
This site is where you will find pics and posts about my time in the West. Random ramblings, first impressions, rants and raves and the Odd observation.
So sit back, relax and go with the flow...
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Thoughts is where you will find blog entries - posts on what I'm doing, seeing and thinking about all this. 

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Photos is where you will find pictures of things - they're kind of like drawings, only more life-like.

Where its at is where you will find info on where in the world I am, what the weather is like and what's happening over here.

If is where you will find the poem that inspired the name of this site. 

Kings of Convenience is where you will find examples of the easy life, as it sometimes is over here. 

Celebrity Spotting is where you will find a list of the famous faces I've seen here

Music is where you will find a list of the bands I have seen on these shores

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